I.O.U.with Love - Investing In Our Universe
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Mission Statement
Believing that our universe has been generous to us and that we have received great gifts, we choose to give back a measure of our blessings in the form of a debt. We believe that great gifts require great sacrifice and service of time, talents and resources. Jesus said " To whom much is given, much more is required." By service, we believe we are further enriched, and in reaching out to others the love we receive may indefinitely and perpetually grow. For those reasons we acknowledge a debt which we wish to address. 
I.O.U. Members helping Santa wrap gifts for child recipients of
Angels of the Corridor
I.O.U.Member provides much needed aid for escorts bringing babies to the United States for adoption through  Holt International Adoption Agency

I.O.U.Members provide refreshments and support at the grand opening of the new location for
Second Chances
(formerly Baby Buds)
It Feels Good to GIVE 'TIL IT HURTS !!!
 Esther House
Abby's Voice
Holt International
Second Chances ( formerly Baby Buds)
Every 15 Minutes
Angels of the Corridor
Joyful Journeys
Gladney Adoption Agency
New Jerusalem Baptist Church
Bridgeway for Unwed Mothers
Where Have We Used Some Of Our
Time, Money and Talents ?
Bennett Elementary School Reading Program
Strasburg Elementary School Reading Program
Tri Valley Seniors
Eastern Plains Women's Resource Center
Strasburg Community Food Bank
Bennett Community Food Bank
High Five Plains Foundation
Young At Heart Seniors
Adams County Sheriff's Victim Advocates 
Partners In Faith
Torch Grab
Central Asia Institute
Kids Life Asia
Reverend Leon Kelly
Donor Alliance
Yellow Ribbon Teen Suicide Prevention
Smile Train
Soldier Care Packages
Pass It On Scholarships
Never Alone Christmas Dinner

Tennyson Center for Children
Morgan Community College - Bennett Branch
Cancer Fighters to the Rescue 
The Limb Preservation Foundation
For the Love of Grace
Hands, Hearts & Hope Foundation
The Richard Lambert Foundation
Brent's Place